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Important Message from the Texas Nurses Association

Posted about 2 months ago by Megan Wheeler

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This message comes directly from TNA:

Texas Nurses!

The Texas Medical Board is seeking feedback on potential rulemaking.On page 6 of the attached document, you can see TMB is proposing to limit the ownership of facilities that provide non-surgical cosmetic procedures to physicians. This means all MedSpas would have to be owned by a physician, even if they only provide non-surgical cosmetic procedures!

There is no need for this rule, and proposing it would be an overstep by the TMB.

Texas already has a Corporate Practice of Medicine statute that prevents non-physicians or corporations from practicing medicine.  A business can work with a physician as an independent contractor to provide certain services, and they often do! That’s why thousands of clinics are owned by APRNs and operating safely. So, there is no need for MedSpas to be subject to this unnecessary restriction.

We need your input to prevent TMB from proposing this rule!

Read the attached material, and provide your comments to TNA at jdavis@texasnurses.org or to Rita Chapin at TMB at rules.development@tmb.state.tx.us.

Thank you for advocating for nursing!

TNA Government Affairs

Texas Nurses Association
4807 Spicewood Springs Rd
Bldg. 3, Suite 100
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