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2020 Bylaws Posted!

Posted 25 days ago by Megan Wheeler Member Feedback

The newest version of the TxCNS Bylaws have been posted.  A reminder that these bylaws must be approved by our membership!  Please add a comment to this announcement if you have any objections.  Your silence equals acceptance.
Have a great weekend!

A quick update of changes:

1. Term length for committee chairs due to small number of CNS
2. Remove the text regarding face to face conference given current protocol
3. Addition of dissolution section
4. Update to numbers of CNS required for Board quorum

Bylaws can be reviewed here.

Previous years' bylaws are in the "Bylaws and Meeting Minutes" section.


Kathy A. Baker 5 days ago


Did we make any changes or is this just a routine approval every so many years?


Sarah Andrews 5 days ago

Hi Kathy - we have made multiple changes.



Barbara S. Levinson 5 days ago

Not sure what was changed. Could you specify

Jame Restau 4 days ago

I looked at it and it’s good n

Angela Clark 4 days ago

Is it possible to show a copy with the edits/changes identified? I wrote the original document (with Kathy Baldwin) and congratulate our current leaders on continuing to update our Bylaws! Thanks for that effort.

Megan Wheeler 2 days ago

The announcement has been updated to include the changes.

Angela Clark 2 days ago

Thanks for the update and clarification about what is new. Looks great to me.

Kathy A. Baker 2 days ago

The changes are still not visible to me. What am I doing wrong?

Sarah Andrews 2 days ago

Hi Kathy,
We have posted the updated draft of the bylaws; it does not show the tracked changes made to it. You can also find the original version of the bylaws to compare in detail. To give you an overview, though, the updates included the following:
1. Term length for committee chairs due to the small number of CNS - we made this a little more realistic and flexible
2. Removed the text regarding face to face conference given current protocols surrounding the pandemic. This also offers us some flexibility moving forward to incorporate technology.
3. Addition of dissolution section, which provides standardization and alignment with the NACNS bylaws
4. Update to numbers of CNS required for Board quorum, again, given our small group.

I hope this helps, but please feel free to reach out if you require more detail.

Thanks so much for your support,


Alicia Ramirez 1 minute ago   Remove

Very helpful.

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